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Taken with Kiev88

Last night I got started working on writing some stories based on relationships from my childhood. Talking to Davin about it got me excited and the next thing you know I was in "Show & Tell" mode pulling out my grade 7 year book, old photos, and telling stories about all the crazy kids I knew. To be honest, telling stories orally is a lot easier and more engaging than writing them.

Anyway, in going through all that stuff I made a discovery -- I was in the photography club in grade 7!! I totally forgot about that, most likely because my membership lasted all of about 5 minutes. I took some photos at a girls' volleyball game with my shitty kodak instamatic and quickly became disenfranchised with the whole "assigned photography" thing. And so ended any attempt at extracurricular activity for the duration of my education with the exception of grade 8 when I made it onto the girls' basketball team only to be benched the entire season for refusing to follow the coach's orders to play zone instead of man-on-man as per the rules of the school board. My rebellion inspired sweet but short-lived celebrity status amongst the boys' basketball team who thought I was totally cool for insisting on respecting the rules of the game, dude. But man, I just wanted to get an opportunity with the ball rather than being stuck playing defense from the back of the court like a loser. So instead I spent the entire season travelling from school-to-school and game-to-game only to sit on the bench watching when I could have been at home watching the After-School Special.

I have never taken well to authority. That hasn't changed much.

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