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Jimmy's Fine II
Taken with Kiev88

The first phase of the website for my book is up. I'm starting to get excited. And scared. And excited. And scared. And so on.

Today I saw that the book is being sold at Target stores. How crazy is that? Two years ago Davin and I went to Florida for work-related reasons and on our last day we were stuck in a crappy part of Orlando in order to catch our flight out early the next morning. So to kill time we took a cab to "The Mall of Florida", cause, well, that just cracked me up. I love tackiness and there was no way in hell I was going to leave Florida, the State Capital of Kitsch, without going into a mall -- THE MALL OF FLORIDA no less. It stank. Wayyyy across the massive parking lot I saw a Target. Being Canadians, we'd never been to a Target but we'd heard all about it on cable television. So we made the trip across the parking lot to see what all the fuss was about even though we were about to pass out from starvation with nothing but a shitty meal at Red Lobster to look forward to. Plus heading toward Target meant passing by a ravine that I was sure contained large gators that were just waiting in the shallows, on the prowl for stupid Canadian tourists. Either that or rattlers, other venomous snakes of Florida, and killer spiders... or goths. Although they're all in Tampa I hear. Florida is bursting with danger unlike Southern Ontario where virtually nothing can kill you. Turns out Target is pretty much exactly like Zellers but with better design. I bought a hat. And now my book, which I can't even believe I made, is being sold at Target stores across America, most likely including that store that shares the same parking lot as The Mall of Florida.

There you have it.

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