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Taken with Kiev88

Happy Birthday to my guy Davin who is rocking 36 today!


I got a few rolls of film back yesterday. I was very excited and wanted to scan as much as I could get through late last night. It's hard having all that film sitting there without knowing what's on it except in negative. This is only going to make it harder for me to choose my photos for the gallery show -- a choice I must make quickly. Chosing images to submit to anything is a challenge for me. I am often looking ahead to that next undeveloped roll, certain that an EVEN BETTER photo is waiting. And putting together a gallery..... nightmare. The worse part is that the designer in me wants the photos to colour coordinate. I also wonder if the super minimalist, cleanly framed photos presentation style is really appropriate for me. I am so not a minimalist.


I took my new Argoflex Seventy-five box camera out for a spin through the neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. What a great camera. It just might be my NEW favourite box camera. The 7 feet to infinity focal range really forced me to step back from subjects a bit. This exercise proved to be positive at a time when I've been getting too close to things. I posted a few photos here.


Last night as we were walking out the door to go to the ART Awards (another story entirely, but I'll wait for the pics), my mother called.

I need a break from insanity knocking on my door. Since my stepfather died in August it has been one super-heavy emotional challenge after another. I suppose I'm ready for it and each challenge has come with a reward of sorts mixed in with the difficulty -- a lesson learned or a stronger sense of self. But at the same time I think I might like to to take a really long, extended mental health day. I'm really enjoying myself right now -- something that is a challenge in and of itself. So I feel like she's just coming out of the woodwork to rain on my parade. How many other metaphors can I squeeze in here?

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