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Taken with Kiev88

Everyone who lives in Parkdale is familar with the awesomeness that is this place by now. But not everyone lives in Parkdale so here you go.


My musically talented brother has a couple of interesting events that I want to promote to those of you living in Toronto. This Thursday night he will be participating in "BIG FIVES -- SOUL KITCHEN." The first Big Fives was a lot of fun. This coming Saturday is his monthly "FOOT PRINTS" night but this time they are featuring a tap performance by Lisa Messina which my brother arranged and produced the music for. I'm very proud!


Over the years I've photographed a number of scenes that include hateful and/or racist grafitti. While I have liked some of the pictures I have been hesitant to post them here because I wonder if doing so will only be offering these messages another platform. For example I recently photographed this rather odd message just down the street from here and I took this image on our August trip to St. Catharines. I felt bad about leaving the St. Catharines image out because it was the first thing I saw upon entering our childhood neighbourhood and really spoke volumes about what I was about to see. However, I have left it out until now because of the content and because I shot the image so close that I felt like it kind of lost its context and just became a picture of a swastika.

I have other photos that are actually much better photographs than these two, and therefore better examples, but they're archived somewhere and I'm too lazy to look for them.

What do you think about photos that depict these types of messages?

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