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Yes Wer Open
Taken with Argoflex 75

I admit to chosing this image for today simply because I don't have much of an attention span. It's another day of lots and lots of this and that stuff to do. Then later on someone is bringing over a key lime tree and we're going to go to the Parkdale Horticultural Society's presentation on Potager Gardens (kitchen gardens to you and me).

There was a lot of excitment this weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon going on walks around the hood, first west and then east. It was bitterly cold. Later as we were just about to settle down for the evening with "Opening Night", my brother showed up to tell me that the book was spotted at Pages Books. Well I certainly couldn't let that go so we got dressed in our warm gear for a third time and made the trip (it's not that far really) to go visit the book in store. I did not yell out as I said I would but we did jump up and down some and Davin took a lot of photos.

The book is also starting to make it into the hands of others. Three people have sent me photos of themselves posing with the book, and in one case posing with their dogs too. Others are promising photos when theirs arrive in the mail. I'm so touched by the support I've been receiving. It's left me with a permanent feeling in my gut. I'm planning to make a little scrapbook with all this stuff because I love documenting the minutia of such things. I missed my calling as a curator.

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