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Curtains (no longer counting)
Taken with Kiev88

This is one of the photos from the roll I thought was colour. Damn it. I like it enough but I also remember what it should have been in colour.


I may be repeating myself, but while the rest of the world is taking it easy, Friday's are my crazy day. I've got so many disconnected little things to do today that I find myself getting partway through one task then jumping into another, then another, then back to the first. So I thought I'd take a moment to calm down and post something here but of course even that has been interrupted twenty times and I'm finding my hands flying across the keyboard just trying to get this done so I can move on. Plus while I'm writing this I'm simultaneously thinking, "Don't forget to email so-and-so about the thing!"

Extreme multitasking. Just because I can doesn't mean I should.

Another problem I have is an unruly inbox. I recently cleaned it out (somewhat) and have put a No More Than 69 Emails in My Inbox rule into effect. It's been hard work! I worked my ass off on this morning's mail but am already back up to 77. I like email 'cause I mostly hate the phone, but oh my god sometimes I despise this invention too. I have, at times, lay in bed at night composing email replies in my head. Extreme multitasking with absolutely no positive outcome.


I've really been enjoying the excitment of my book launching. The other night a forum member posted her photo on Flickr holding the book and I started to get teary.

I can't wait until the book is in stores but of course because I'm in Canada there will be a slight delay on that. I check the Chapters/Indigo site everyday to see if the three locations in my area have it in stock. My plan is to run to the nearest location as soon as "Not available" switches to "In Stock". My long term plan has been to hold the book over my head and yell out "This is my book!" I'm fairly reserved so we'll see if I actually get the balls to do it when the time comes.

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