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Taken with Great Wall DF- (with close-up filter)

Davin's story and my photo of him up today on the final issue of CBC Radio3. That was one really great online magazine and will be sorely missed by me. [Click the red launch button at the bottom and scroll through the pages using the page turner located in the top right corner. Davin's story is about halfway in and is called "Roll of Pennies."]


I wanted to post a soft, spring photo today as a contrast to the snow we are currently buried in. This isn't the best picture technically, but I like the colours and the soft bluriness. When I look back on old pictures such as this one taken with the Great Wall, I wonder how I ever made a single good photo at all. Now that I have a better slr, one that, like, focuses n' stuff, I question why that camera was my favourite for so long. I'll always have a soft spot for it, but when I look in the viewfinder now I think, "How the hell did I ever know if it was focussed or not? E.S.P?"

Yes, I have become spoiled by my cheap Russian knockoff.

The flower above is one of my favourite spring flowers because it is small, unassuming, simple and is called Scilla. When I see it I am often reminded of my grandmother who's name was Scylla, despite the fact that she was none of those things.

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