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Here I am with my gang the day after the launch party. We're beat. Later that afternoon I dragged my sorry ass (and tired eyes) out to a garden shop in "Baby Point" (Jane and Annette) to be photographed for "Gardening Life" magazine. I hate, hate, hate having my picture taken but it was still kind of fun. They used film instead of digital and a fancy medium format camera too. I posted a few photos from the shoot (taken by Davin) here.

I've determined that I can no longer live in denial of my bad hair situation after two somewhat embarrassing photoshoots. I wore a hat for last week's shoot but they didn't want me to wear it for this one since the piece will be published in June and it's supposed to look like summer. I would greatly appreciate some hair salon and stylist recommendations Toronto. My hair salon track record is pretty traumatic so I don't want to make a random choice and end up looking like Don Johnson circa 1978 again.

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