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Doorway: Pink Checkers
Taken with Kiev 88

I'm sick. I guess that was inevitable since I've been burning the candle at both ends for weeks now. I don't talk much about my poor health here because with a lot of hard work it has improved greatly in the past five years, however it is still poor and when I push it too far it bites me in the ass. I've got some bizarre virus. My brother had it last week but my version is extra special.

It started out yesterday morning like a bad allergy around my eyes. I have red blothces on the high part of each cheek just below my eyes that are sometimes extremely itchy. The area just under my eyebrows is also itchy and sore as are my temples. The extreme itchiness comes and goes. I try not to touch it and put cold clothes on those areas when they get inflammed. This morning I woke up with both eyes swollen -- even the area below my eyebrow is puffed up huge. It's itching like mad right now. My right eye is so puffy I'm worried I won't be able to open it soon enough. I have never experienced anything like this. I'm drinking my special virus-fighting concoction followed by a garlic and ginger tea, three times daily. That shit worked like a charm the last time I had a virus but of course it knocks me out while it's doing its business.

And of course the weather is gorgeous! Waa! My original plan to spend the long weekend relaxing and walking around outside with a camera has been thwarted.

And now back to bed.

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