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Davin on the Beach
Taken with Broken Lubitel

Another from the broken Lubitel. Can you believe I took this photo two summers ago? That's how long I had film in this camera. Sad.

Well folks, I'm still sick. I'm working but trying to maintain a relaxed pace since I wear out easily. I was thoroughly exhausted by 5:00 yesterday and had to cancel a scheduled phone interview. I had an epiphany yesterday afternoon that if I don't start saying "no", or at the very least "later" to stuff I'm never going to get better and will be thoroughly screwed.

I got to go outside yesterday for a short walk. The walk knocked me out but was also very refreshing. While I still maintain the somewhat negative position that "It always snows at least once in April." spring is indeed on the way. I saw snowdrops just about to open and got so excited that I got my favourite jeans dirty kneeling on a stranger's wet lawn in an attempt to capture them with an i-zone camera. The film is super old and i-zone pics are super tiny so it was a bit of a wasted effort. I also noticed that my favourite under-a-tree-bulb-garden is showing signs of activity. I often wonder if I freaked out the owners of that home last year (they have cameras in front) since I practically stalked the garden during the months it was blooming. I stopped there twice weekly to take photos of the evolving bulb display and went completely mad with cameras when the magnolia tree blossomed. I'm already making plans and readying my cameras in preparation for this year's display.

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