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Taken with Kiev 88

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This was one of the photos I used in the PUBLICity show. And I suck because I haven't been telling you everyday (like the other particpants) that the show is still on and runs until April 23rd.

While I'm getting crazy, I should also mention that I won Best Toy Camera in the Photobloggies. But you already know that because you are the people who voted for me. And you have probably been wondering what the hell is wrong with me because I haven't said anything about it. Well that would be because when I found out I was all fucked in the head, due in part to the viral sickness and felt insanely guilty about winning. Honestly I don't think the nominees and/or winners really represented the wealth of picture goodness that is out there, but that's the way it goes with contests in general. They are always flawed. The end.

But why I felt so insanely guilty about winning is because I still have a huge guilt complex and sometimes I am an idiot and I let it dictate how I respond to things.

Anyways I am so over it now. Ha! I don't do this to win prizes but I am excited about the Lomo Oktomat because I like cameras and I would never spend the money on one of these because I am living on dimes these days. Thank you. It is because of you that I will soon be taking pictures with 8 frames in one.

Shout outs to the other nominees:


I am going to get my haircut today. I'm a bit scared.


I am very excited because it is time to go back to the place I took this photo to see the flowers that should be up again. I am also excited because the snow is gone and it stays light until nearly 8 pm.

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