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I loved these little flags hanging underneath the scaffolding so much. I couldn't stop taking photos. I'm sure I have views of them with multiple cameras.

Again I have to say that I regret not bringing the pinhole. But alas, a tripod would have sent me over the top.

Davin posted some of his New York seconds (as in less favourite pics rather than a reference to a New York minute) over here. He got to walk around in Brooklyn while I did a signing at a book store. I was kind of bummed because I had been planning to walk around after the signing to take photos. At least we got a car tour. Anyways, there's some goodies from his walk about. I should have listened when he asked if I wanted to go back to Brooklyn on our free day.

Feeling a bit bummed cause so far all the Horizon photos I have scanned suck either compositionally or because I underexposed. What is going on with me and this camera?

Bob (bless him) sent us some film before we left and I am now in love with Acros for black & white even though I just bought a shitload of HP5. I have been unable to find HP5 medium format in Toronto so I went nutso at B&H. But man that Acros is good. I hate to say it but my film allegiance is to Fuji. And that is about as far as my film geekery goes.

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