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And back to Niagara Falls today. This was the very last picture I took literally seconds before getting on the bus to depart. As we were waiting the sky was golden and the light so good I couldn't resist running down the street to take some last photos. I have to admit that i thought this one would be better than it is.


I spent a lot of time outside yesterday. Get out on a bike if you can because the city smells like lilacs. We took a long bike trip up town (uphill) to meetings and stopped at a garden centre on the way home. I bought just enough plants to fill my basket. Once at home I spent several hours working on rearranging, cleaning and planting containers on our deck. Even though I wore sunblock I got too much sun. The first month or so of sun is a tricky time for me. I have to be very careful not to overdo my exposure (apparently I am a delicate flower) and must always wear a hat, or I get vertigo. Maintaining my health is quite a balancing act but this is the one part I always seem to screw up once every season. Last night I had to sleep almost sitting up with several pillows piled behind me because I did indeed get the vertigo. I turned my head in my sleep at around 3 am and woke up in a spin. I'm a bit scared to go outside today because I can feel it lurking underneath the surface. If I get any more sun it won't just be positional, but will turn into full-on, constant spinning. I have had this for as long as 3 days at a time and I can tell you it is very, very scary and awful.

« A Not-so Delicate Flower »