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The portable in the lower left corner is where I made a kite from paper, bits of wood, and pantyhose, and listened to my teacher read "Danny, the Champion of the World" aloud. The kite was decorated with pencil drawings of rainbows and clouds. It was lost in the field behind my school but I did see a mouse scurry by while chasing the tail through high grass. I was always thrilled to see any sort of wildlife. For a time in early grade school I spent recess hanging out in a ditch on the perimeter of the schoolyard looking for snails. Some reputations were earned.

Sink or Swim

Me: Did you go to Carleton Public School?
Her: Uh huh. Did you?
Me: Yes. For grades 7 & 8.
Her: Were you an E. I. McCulley kid?
Me: I certainly was...
Her: There was something about those kids. They seemed older or more mature somehow.
Me: It was the hard living. That and the open concept layout of the school.
Davin: It makes sense why you can completely block out all outside influences while working on something like answering email.
Me: Ya, when I first got inside a classroom with walls it was a shock without the noise of three classrooms surrounding me.


I can't stop listening to "Independence Day" and "Waltz #2" by Elliot Smith. Sorry Davin. I just finished reading "The Life of Pi."

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