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I've had a good day despite hours spent sorting through piles of receipts. I fucking hate working with numbers. It's one of the reasons I dropped out of science.

While tackling an ungodly pile of dishes (I procrastinated too long) and the numbers stuff, I also scanned a ton of film. I got 7 rolls back the other day. We found some completely unrecognizable 35mm rolls in the fridge and Davin took those in too. They turned out to be REALLY old rolls from possibly 1995! I don't know what to do with the negs since I couldn't be bothered to pay for prints or take the time to scan them.

There's been a lot of strange stuff with the past popping up; running into an old friend on the street by chance, recognizing a friend who passed away on one of the negs, a photo I took of a curtain that reminded me of my grandmother (above), listening to "Puke + Cry"...

I've really been enjoying Sakura's "How I Used to Be" group on Flickr. It's not just another "photos of the past" pool. The concept is to use photos to examine our present self in relation to our past self. I added a few of my own but I think of a lot of what I post and write here in those terms.

We watched "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie" the other night although I can hardly claim to have watched much since I got distracted mid-way, starting reading my current book, and fell asleep. Of course I enjoyed it after the fact, a problem I seem to have with every Cassavetes film, but the actual process of watching it was a certain kind of torture. I think I liked the idea of it more than the execution. I should have watched the shorter 1978 cut but it had to go back to the video store.

« Reminds Me of My Grandmother, somehow »