Tuesday, July 12, 2005     « Delta Bingo »


Coming upon this Delta Bingo was a happy surprise. I used to think it was a St. Catharines institution but have since come to know that it is a chain with locations in at least two other cities in Southern Ontario (The Golden Horseshoe Area!). This is one of those other locations. Delta Bingo has a special meaning for me because it was my mother's "office" for a large part of my youth. I wrote quite a bit about it here. She eventually quit the addiction long after I left home but I always think about her when I see a tent at a carnival or a shelf of daubers in a dollar store. And when my birthday approaches (as it is) I am reminded of waiting for my mother to get back from bingo so we can start my birthday. Perhaps that is why I now insist on a birthday week?

« Delta Bingo »