Wednesday, July 20, 2005     « Incubating »


I'm starting to think this isn't the most appropriate picture for the day. It's a little creepy. They are pheasant chicks.

A better day. Lots of bike riding. Rode north (up, up, up) followed by an incredibly speedy downhill ride an hour later. Scary but fun. Glad I wear a helmut.

A quick jaunt through Kensington. I like to see all the fruit lined up. Bought some stinky cheese and two kinds of cherries. Decadent.

Took film in. Epiphytic cactus in the mail. Willy Wonka (I liked Roald Dahl books when I was a kid). Employees quietly carried a body down from the top, followed by more employees with a mop and bucket.

An ant bit me on the back while I was pulling weeds. Tons of spiders come out at night to build webs around my tomatillo plants. The plants are taller than me this year. The spiders are green.

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