Friday, July 29, 2005     « Casa Loma »


I went to Casa Loma yesterday for a few hours. I went by myself because I have been unable to convince anyone else to go. It took me a year to convince myself to take a chance and spend the $12 admission price. I have this thing about paying too much to get into a stupid tourist attraction.

Being alone was kind of uncomfortable at times because there was literally no one around while I wandered around in the stables, garage, empty rooms and stairwells, the tunnel, up into the tower region of the main building, and further up into the open air tower. I'm so used to being herded around like cattle in these kinds of places that I didn't quite know what to do with the freedom I had to just wander about in potentially hazardous situations without employees breathing down my neck.

My favourite parts of all tourist places are the things that clearly aren't supposed to be a part of the attraction. Old museums with limited budgets are the best for this; places where visitors have carved their names, a stairwell that leads up to a dead end alcove with peeling plaster where someone wrote "This room is haunted", a cheap contemporary chair sitting underneath the window in an empty room.

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