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All the pics in a row

The story: While taking photos of this year's favourite ride, The Himalaya, I saw these two kids dancing in their seats. They reminded me of myself at their age going to Darien Lake or Maple Leaf Village unescorted by adults -- that freedom that I felt with no parents around and the adrenaline rush from all the rides. When I was younger we'd run from one ride to the next, but at that age we gave the impression of not caring while still hustling to get on as many rides as possible.

I asked them if I could take their photo.

Kid at the Back: Are you a professional photographer?
Me: I take the pictures. (My usual dumb and sort-of meaningless response)

After I walked away a female carny worker from the "Sweet Spot" concession stand came over.

Her: Are those black people dancers?
Me: I don't know. They're kids having fun.
Her: That stuff they were doing was creepy.

I didn't hear the last part because I was already walking away but Davin related it to me later.

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