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It's almost midnight but I'm working late -- trying to catch up on all the various stuff. I have found it hard to sleep some nights recently worrying about the stuff and catching up to it. I hate being behind although come to think of it I can't recall a time when I was ever caught up. There's always something.

This photo was one of the first taken with the big 120 lens. For years I have had the habit of going into corner stores just to see what strange, older items are in stock. The older and dingier the store the better. I particularly like to check the hardware/stationery/hair products/giftcard section and any walls backed by pegboard. Lots of gems to be found in these places although the nuggets of goodness have been rapidly dwindling over the years. I once found drinking glasses with hairy, naked 70's era men decals for 99 cents. Another time I bought little Gi-Joe kleenex packages and a set of Hotwheels keychain holders (meant as birthday goodie bag prizes). I know of one kicking store in the city where I sometimes drop by to purchase little tin lithographed broaches shaped like songbirds and cicadas. I bought a pin shaped like a pigeon there too. I think it was really meant to be a bird of prey but I think it looks more like a glittery pigeon. That place is a visual goldmine -- worth the trip just to marvel at all the stuff. One day I will get up the nerve to ask to take pictures. It's only a matter of time before that place is gone only to be replaced by a *new* store filled with crappy *new* stuff.

Back in the day when I used to go on roadtrips, I would always beg whomever was driving to stop at as many convenience stores along the way as possible. American stores are particularly good because they tend to have odd candies (Boston Baked Beans, Cherry Bombs, etc) that say "Say No To Drugs" inside the flap, or tiny boxes of miniature explosives for kids. I love that kind of shit.

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