Thursday, September 15, 2005     « William Eggleston »


Yesterday, I went to see a documentary called "William Eggleston in the Real World" and William Eggleston's video footage from the early 70's called "Stranded in Canton." The whole event was a strange mix of mind-numbing slow torture and super crazy excitment.

I'm not certain I would have enjoyed the documentary if I didn't love Eggleston's photos and have an interest in his process. It was VERY slow with huge blocks of time devoted to following him around with no sound as he took pictures. However there were a few points made in the film that I stored in my mind. The first was a line at the beginning of the film stating that photography shows or reveals but doesn't explain. The second was about taking photos and how Eggelston had to come to terms with the intrusion into a person's personal space in order to photograph them.

Jared and I were lucky enough to get our books signed with William Eggleston just after coming out from the first film. I don't get excited when I see celebrities but apparently famous photographers turn me into a big dorky fan girl. IEEEEEE!

Here are the pictures taken by myself and my brother of us having our books signed.

« William Eggleston »