Monday, September 26, 2005     « Guelph »


I took this picture in The Ward, a neighbourhood in Guelph. I lived in Guelph many years ago in the year between ages 18 and 19 and then again the summer after my first year of University. I didn't live in The Ward but I recall walking by this corner house many times. It had little horse tchotchkes lined up in the window. They're gone now but the building is pretty much unchanged.

Visiting Guelph was a reminder of how sentimental I can be about a place. I felt a little teary on the bus as it pulled out of the downtown and drove up Gordon Street and made sure to look for all the little memory-laden landmarks of my time there; a park where Davin and I sat on swings, the canoe rental place, the L'il Shortstop, my apartment at the bottom of the hill, the convenience store attached to my building where I bought a single box of Cherry Blossom nearly everyday... I wish I could have stayed longer visiting with my friend and taking pictures but I had to get back for work. Blah.

« Guelph »