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We're back. I stuck with film this time so it will be a while before photos make an appearance. We experienced gorgeous summer heat and sun the first few days in New York but sadly the weather turned to dark skies, heavy rains and wind just in time for my time off. I'm just thankful it didn't pour yesterday. You should have seen the system we had to invent to take pictures during the crazy rains. We both got soaked but our cameras were protected.

Davin took lots of digital photos of the gardening event but Air Canada lost our luggage; the very important luggage that contains a lot of very important shit including the cable that hooks the digital camera up to the computer and the one that provides power to the powerbook with the busted batteries (the first round of photos were saved onto it).

In the meantime I have posted some pictures with the crappiest cameraphone there ever was to my Flickr account.

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