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I really loved this liquor store and stopped to take a bunch of photos of it. That green glow radiating from inside should show more on the remaining images that are still on a roll in the camera. I started out focussing on the window and then stepped back for the whole scene. I'm doing that a lot lately. I haven't yet decided on its effectiveness. Sometimes it works, sometimes I miss the intimacy of getting close. I was standing way the hell back in the street for the second shot which is something I'm trying to do more but there is a loss of control that can create problems. People end up in places I don't want them (right side of frame), cars zoom into the shot or just get in the way, and I have to have eyes in the back of my head while concentrating on what I'm doing to ensure I don't get hit or hold up traffic.

I complained and complained about the grey, dull, flat, non-light on the days we were out taking pictures in New York (never mind the torrential downpour), and while I can't shake the feeling that I was cheated out of potentially great pictures, I can see the value in this kind of flat light. I probably wouldn't have noticed that green glow at all if the sun had been out. My expectations got in the way too much, but you can't control the weather.

There was a vibrant street culture happening just up the street from here but I was too chicken to ask to take pictures. I feel both emboldened and held back when carrying this camera. I worry that it gives the wrong impression. I really love using it but it has its own mythology and weight about it in the way that the cheap cameras never did for me. It's been a psychological adjustment. Getting to know the differences with the tool has been an adjustment too, but of a different sort. I'm definitely learning things via this camera that are taking me by surprise. It's good.

« Liquor (Blue with Green Glow) »