Thursday, November 17, 2005     « Always Have to Win »


I like the light in this picture. I pass by here regularly so the bread is a bit of a landmark. I have a funny relationship to the woman who owns this store. The store is Vietnamese and while they sell food stuffs, a lot of people seem to go there to buy cigarettes. The proprieter was really short and gruff when I first started going there but warmed up and became increasingly friendly as I started showing up repeatedly to buy thai basil and rau ram (an herb that tastes a lot like coriander). I like her. I've worked retail and am familar with its great suckage.

I like this picture even more because it's a technical feat. This was taken through a window with very bright, harsh light and then through the plexiglass box. Sometimes stupid shit like that matters to me. I've made a lot of stupid little mistakes recently and I can't seem to give myself a break about it. I've never been so frustrated over tiny mistakes. Mistakes are a part of learning, living, and growing. And yet...

It reminds me of a part on one of the live Elliott Smith performances... ya I know. Anyways, he screws up and says, "Fucking up is part of it man. If you can't fail, then, um, I guess you always have to win. And I don't think you can always win."

« Always Have to Win »