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I think this may have been taken outside The Green Dragon.

I collect other people's trophies although I have a few of my own from the days of my youth spent cradled in the arms of the baby Jesus. I currently have a public speaking trophy (1976-77) on top of my monitor that I secretly like to think of as mine for overcoming my public speaking fear. I am a big dork.

I had a pretty great revelation today. Actually I would like to publically acknowledge that I kicked major ass today. Okay, anyways, I remembered writing years ago about how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Show 'n' Tell in elementary school and how great it would be if I could find a way to make a living doing that. It's very simple really. Show and Tell. Today I clued into the fact that I am now doing just that. It's a lot less intimidating when I think of it that way. This whole business is just one most excellent and very extended turn showing and telling.

I'm really hoping to make it out to the
Spacing Magazine issue 5 launch Thursday night (Nov 24) but it depends on whether I have an ounce of energy left with which to drag my ass across town after what will be a very, very, very long day.

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