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I like my pictures to have a slight yellow tint. This photo is from a very hot summer day. I abandoned these images too early because I took so many pictures over a short period of time. Sometimes when there are too many images to sort through I become disoriented and lose my perspective. The emotional aspect of all of this is what drives it for me, but it's also what makes sorting through the images tricky at times.

A few things:

- Missing my Kiev88. (Incidently above was taken with the Kiev) Well, not so much the camera as the 80mm lens. I miss 80mm. Back in May when we saw the Diane Arbus show I thought to myself, "Maybe I should try some new lenses." Now that I have I can say that it's been fun but can I have the 80mm back? The answer is not anytime soon as I am still paying for the new ones. And this is why I can't get rid of the Kiev even though I told myself when I bought the mega expensive camera that I would sell it.

- I stopped for a second yesterday and realised that my name feels completely mine again. Still waiting for it to be legally mine again but it won't be long now. Living with two names for a year has been a drag, especially since keeping the other one around has been like a chain around my ankle.

- Finally kicked the Elliott Smith. No new music addictions have surfaced as of yet.

- I've been working on a lot of crafts recently. Last night all of my dreams involved cross stitch. 1-2-3-4.

- I took Davin's Yashica Electro out for a spin yesterday but to be honest I didn't care for it. I'm just not into rectangles. There will be a lot of pictures of trees and dirty snow.

- I am so cyclical. I was just talking about this on Sunday and it turns out that I wrote about it a year ago.

- Taking THE HOLIDAYS in stride this year. Last year I was prepared to bury my head under the covers and wait for it to pass. This year there have been a few incidents that have bugged me enough to proclaim "Christmas is OVER!" but I'm still kickin it.

- I was just thinking about this too.

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