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I designed cross stitch bookmark kits as holiday gifts for some of the crafty pals/commuters in my life this year. As a Holiday Treat I thought I'd make the pattern available as a freebee for anyone who wants to make their own bookmark.

Dudes: You are free to use this pattern to make your own bookmarks, but please do not sell finished projects or the pattern.

  • The pattern.

  • Some decent basic how-to cross stitch instructions.
  • Note: My grid is exactly sized to a cross stitch bookmark/doily deal that has a very tight weave (18 count) but you can use any aida fabric and forego the doily action. Fabric with lower numbers (for example 14) are easier for beginners but I should say that I had not cross stitched since grade 4 prior to designing and stitching up this project and I did okay so don't feel intimidated. I'm sure some cross stitch whizzes out there would be horrified by the state of the back of my bookmark but whatever....

    I used the most excellent pixel font Unibody for my design and the always wonderful Davin must be credited for his work plotting the squiggley shape after I had all but given up on making it happen.


    I got good news yesterday, Wed. December 21, 2005.

    « For the First Time Ever, I Feel Genuinely Holiday-ish »