Monday, January 9, 2006     « Sideways Lawn Chair (on a sea of green turf) »


Taking a break from the nature photos. Still no progress with the scanner situation.

About this photo: I took this photo in the middle of a torrential downpour. It was our second to last day in New York and damn it nothing was going to keep us indoors. We were soaked through our clothes, the wind was whipping and Davin struggled to hold an umbrella over my camera while I stood on a rise, made my adjustments, and perfectly aligned the lens between the bars of a fence.

This is the best photo for the day since I did an interview this afternoon on the topic of LAWNS.


Music: Rediscovering and enjoying the New Order album "Power, Corruption and Lies." Time to break out "The New Order Story" and have a little love fest and a cry. It always makes me teary-eyed. [Sadly I own the old VHS copy of this film. No DVD extras and fanciness.]

« Sideways Lawn Chair (on a sea of green turf) »