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Him: Oh look at you meticulously cloning out tiny specs that no one will ever see.
Me: [extends middle finger without looking away from monitor.]
Him: No, we discussed this... you have to use the new inverted middle finger for the ultimate fuck off.

Me: I refuse to disappoint gallery patrons with a dusty photo.
Him: For the people who do this... [imitates person sticking their face right up into print.]
Me: For that one person, who is me. I may not have the best photo in the show, but damn it it will be the cleanest!

IN Transit: A gallery exhibit that captures Toronto on the move


Last night I had a cinematic dream in which vampires and zombies were attacking me in an office environment. I didn't have Buffy-style wooden stakes available so I stabbed them with tiny Ikea pencils. I dare someone to figure that one out.

Crazy On You - Heart: Again, last night as I was just falling asleep I thought, "Must listen to Heart tomorrow." So I did. I practically cried when I heard this in The Virgin Suicides. It was that perfect.

This also reminds me that I recently reclaimed my VCR/TV combo from my brother who had been borrowing it for exactly 1 year. This has prompted me to watch old video tapes while working on art and craft stuff in my work room. Recent excellent viewings have included Talk 16 ("I know it's not really a religion, but I'm a satanist." -Astra), Beverly Hills 90210, and My So-Called Life. Okay it's sounding more and more like I've regressed 15 years... okay 10.... okay 6. I watched two episodes of My So-Called Life last night while making myself a skirt. It made me wish I still smoked.

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