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I still haven't had a chance to look into the scanner situation so I feel like I'm getting near scraping the bottom of the barrel photo-wise. I'm probably wrong. Maybe you will think everything I post from here on out is the best stuff I have ever posted. That's the funny thing about The Art.

I took this picture last winter in my neighborhood. I thought the dead flower offerings were kind of sad and bleak.... and the way the Madonna is kind of gesturing to them doing that tilty-head thing. And there's all the brown and grey and an inadequate carpet of snow. It's also kind of fitting because I had a dream last night about being in a church and telling off the pastor for preaching hate and then telling off the congregation for being apathetic to it. The dream wasn't really about religion but still...

Today's Song: "Sister Christian" Night Ranger - Tonight we left the INtransit opening and made our way to an east-end pub for greasy food. It was a really strange place. They were playing a radio station featuring completely memorable but unremarkable hits of the 80's. I kept expecting that Peter Cetera "Karate Kid" love ballad to come on (the one about the "knight in shining armor"). I was sadly disappointed until "Sister Christian" came on. I told my dinner companions that whenever I hear that song I have a sudden memory of sitting in the back seat of the car driving home late at night down the hill from Lock2 having just dropped off or picked up my father from or for the night shift. I have no idea why such a small inconsequential childhood moment stands out so vividly but it does.

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