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I don't know if the name is really fitting. It's just that little city way in the distance thing.

We drove to Atlantic City many years ago with some friends and as we approached the city from along the coast it was all lit up and glowing green in the distance. This was definitely one trip where the getting there was the good part. It felt like we were driving straight into Oz with Neil Diamond and Dionne Warwick performing for our enjoyment. Atlantic City is quite literally all smoke and mirrors. Our first impression once off the highway was, Hmmm, this looks like a rough neighbourhood. Oh wait, it's all like this except for that one part that glows.... and that is basically just fiberglass and lightbulbs.

Today's Song: "Anyone Who Had a Heart" Dionne Warwick. No disrespect to either Neil Diamond or Dionne Warwick [see above] -- I love them both! I have a tiny flexi-disk (Free with one purchase of Head & Shoulders or Gleem!) of "Cherry, Cherry" that I used to play everyday to get me pepped for work.


Incidently I started prepping this image hours ago and forgot that I made it huge. Even I was a little taken aback. Ack!

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