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    "You must live life with the full knowledge that your actions will remain. We are creatures of consequence... Our children will be born of our actions. Our accidents will become their destinies.

    ....On cold days a man can see his breath, on a hot day he can't. On both occasions, the man breathes."
    - from "White Teeth" by Zadie Smith

Today's Song: "It Takes Two" Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock. Our stereo has been on the fritz lately plus I'm generally lazy -- getting up and walking a few feet to flip an album over is hard work. Consequently, most of my music listening for the last several months has been happening via the computer. I'm so lazy I'll put it on Party Shuffle and suffer through utter crap without bothering to click on I-Tunes to change the song. Well the stereo is back in action and as a result I've been pulling the albums out again. I decided to try and start alphabetically at the beginning but seriously, that's never going to happen. I went straight for "It Takes Two." But then "Joy and Pain" came on and I had to get up after only one song to replace the album. I have been spoiled by the MP3.

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