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It's midnight and I'm finally packing it in for the day. Not because I'm done, but because my knees refuse to take another minute sitting in a chair.

Ths Song I Listened to While I Wrote This: After an entirely music-less day (I can't write and listen to music) I decided it would be hilarious if I listened to one song (just once), "Where is My Mind" by the Pixies. I like that crazy, echoing ending. (Update: Ack I relented and listened to "Sinnerman" by Nina Simone.)

Late last night I watched "Nine Lives." Overly enthusiastic but highly likeable video store employee said the stories were too short for his taste but I'm a Mike Leigh fan who enjoys a story that starts and stops with no real ending so I enjoyed it -- of the stories that I liked. This piece of dialogue stood out:

Sister: So not every memory is a bad one?
Holly: If every memory were a bad one how great that would be.

Okay it doesn't make much sense out of context but the point of that snippet was to explain how when we have a troubled past with a person or persons the real emotional turmoil comes from having had positive experiences or moments of kindness mixed in with cruelty and badness. It seems those are the places where people get the most screwed up.

I also really enjoyed the bad attitude of the woman facing breast removal surgery. Because some situations are too messy for stoicism and grace.

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