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Japanese Garden: Portland

One of the coolest things about Portland were the trees covered in moss and lichens. Neat.

You would not believe the ridiculous lengths I went to today to secure a decent strawberry pot for my demonstration this coming Wed. Absurd. And when I think about the amount of dough I blew on cabs... well that's just slightly less hilarious.

And now we shove off for more of the talking about the gardening, and the plants, and such. I really wanted to fit 'gardening' and 'motherfucker' together in a sentence but alas I don't have an ounce of wit left in me to make it happen.

Crossing my fingers that everything comes together to allow for a few moments of picture making. Here's hoping that Stratford isn't all tight-lipped quaintness but is bordered by pockets of pleasent misery. Actually I will take kitschy quaint too. For some reason I imagine it to be a lot like Niagara-on-the-Lake; a delightful mix of fudge stands, historic plaques, flower-gun gardens, and Trisha Romance.

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