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This photo was taken in Canada despite the American spelling of "colour".

I had a fun but tiring day. I look forward to rest and more importantly BALANCE in my life over the next week. My apologies to the person I met today who mentioned this site. I am not yet used to the topic of this site coming up in the context of my gardening personality life (or whatever my job title is now) and am still surprised by how shy and uncomfortable I become when that happens. It is a good lesson for certain.

Song: "Walk Tall" Cannonball Adderley. I know I've mentioned it recently but I just love the opening speech by the Reverand Jesse Jackson.

"...No matter how dreary the situation is, and how difficult it may be. That the storm really doesn't matter, until the storm begins to get you down. So my advice to you, the message that the Cannonball and the quintet brings to us is that it is rough and tough in this ghetto, a lot of funny stuff going down. But you got to walk TALL. WALK TALL. WALK TALL."

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