Monday, April 3, 2006     « Japanese Garden: Room »


A good weekend. A visit to my favourite place, more gardening, 5 rolls of film, lots of browns and yellows, tall grasses, last call for the hallmarks of winter, birds carrying on, spending time with the one I love, British crime drama overload, new spectacles, lots of work on the site (more to come), hands, springing ahead.

I bought an Ansco Clipper at a thrift store in Portland (back in Feb) and finally got around to loading it up with film Saturday night. I haven't used it yet though. I used a proper 616 spool as the take-up this time which means I'll have to unload the film in the dark. I couldn't convince myself to haul the camera around with all my other equipment just for 5 unpredictable photos. Maybe this week sometime. It's a neat camera. A front piece pulls out, but you can push it back in for compactability.

« Japanese Garden: Room »