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One of my favourite corners... Fullworth, the light when it hits this corner at a certain time of the day, the former 7-11 that ALWAYS smelled like garbage, the impromptu street sales, the quiet guy in the grey jacket, The St. Vincent Du Paul where I got the Triple Threat, Ali's... I think of this corner as the town square because it's where a lot of the action happens.

This has been my neighbourhood for most of my adult life. We got here by chance and stayed despite the crazy first impression... Carebear, all of the yellers, the guy swinging the 2x4, "BOB!" or "FUCK!" (I'll never know), Jimmy's, formerly "The Fart Store", Hollywood... The list is endless.

There will be a lot of tears when we move away... inevitability since we won't be able to afford it here soon enough.

What I Listened to While Typing This: "Paradiso" Konono No1 from Congotronics 1 & "The Payback" James Brown.

« Parkdale: FULLWORTH (Queen & Close) »