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Many things. By early next week I should feel like a human again.

  • Bocce tonight. My one true non-work social activity lately. It's good.
  • Desmond Dekker died. I have to admit I chose to link to that specific article because of the photo. It is beautifully toned.
  • Been thinking about comics a lot lately. I pulled a few oldies out and then my neighbour lent me Julie Doucet's "My New York Diary". I used to buy her comics religiously.
  • Craig's "Trestle Gallery" now on exhibit.
  • Making the full switch back to Mac platform after about 5 or 6 years as a PC user. I switch back and forth a lot anyways but my main computer has been a PC for a while and I have to admit that I feel some sadness about losing the explore feature. I know there is Finder but it doesn't feel the same. I am strangely resistant to certain kinds of changes in technology. I am always the last person to upgrade to new versions of software, and I still don't know my own cellphone number. However I am not sad about the added desk space.
  • Gardening Galore. I have probably talked about gardening and/or done as much gardening in the last few months as one might do (depending on the garden) in an entire season. Not at all a complaint, just an observation.

  • Listening to "007 (Shanty Town)" Desmond Dekker

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