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I really enjoyed taking these public bathroom photos -- not that there are any pictures I haven't enjoyed taking. More like this are forthcoming. The Party Chess pics aren't done either. Okay I still have an archive of Coney Island pictures from last Oct... and toy camera pics from 2004 so seriously... Pictures of some such something-or-other will continue in this space for some time into the forseeable future. That is all.

I spent quite a while in the bathroom of this public park taking 4 shots. Polaroid pack film is slow. When I came out I was surprised by the park people who were there to lock up for the night. I can't imagine what they were thinking as I was juggling my camera, two lenses, polaroid garbage and prints in various states of drying. But then I think surely they have come upon stranger people/situations in a public park bathroom.


The current issue of VENUS magazine has a short interview with one of my favourite authors Dorothy Allison about one of my favourite books, "The Bluest Eye" (written by Toni Morrison) and how it inspired her to write a fictionalized version of her girlhood, "Bastard Out of Carolina."

Wish I had bought the issue 'cause now I want to read it again. If I ever manage to work out how to write the stories I've got locked up in my head it will be because of her writing. But I am afraid of that kind of writing. And so I take pictures...

« Public Bathroom I »