Monday, June 26, 2006     « $4.50 & UP »


Davin used the Kiev88 this weekend with no prompting from me. We were hilarious with our matching medium format cameras. The best comment was from a kid who thought they were lasers. The camera had some technical issues though so I hope it's not a disappointment for him. I took a ton of pictures. When I'll get around to scanning is beyond me. I took the above photo last year on a long, hot walk across Eglinton. You can tell it's the Kiev because of the light leaks.

I finally found the nearly ultimate camera bag. It sits over the shoulder but isn't so wide that it looks like I have a giant growth out the side. It has a zip open pocket on top that allows easy access to my camera... even with the giant lens on! I can finally walk around without having my camera out and around my neck at all times.

« $4.50 & UP »