Tuesday, July 4, 2006     « No Dock »


I retook the Myers-Briggs test I took almost exactly three years ago and it came up the same -- almost exactly the same with maybe a slight deviation in the percentages. Not sure what that means since I was never fully invested in the results.... or am at least sceptical of these sorts of tests. And yet, of course, I couldn't resist redoing it just to see.

I am quickly coming up on year 33 which has me more contemplative than usual. I suppose the madness of the last few months has also contributed to the mood. I believe I am meeting my own expectations for this age but at the same time I think they have been met in ways that are less traditional than I anticipated. What I mean is that I feel tremendously successful despite the fact that my successes can't be defined in any traditional ways. And if any of this INFJ business rings true I hold preserving my integrity in high regard (true), have a tendency to constantly seek self-improvement (yep) and lack the ability to truly feel accomplishment... but I am working on it. Ha!

This photo made me think of Otis Redding "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay", which I am listening to as I write this.

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