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I tried to take this picture over a year ago but messed up the exposure. Here's Davin's.

We have stopped production on the show. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to divulge any details but I will say it is a really good thing -- the best thing that could have happened from where I'm sitting. We are still moving forward, but we are thankfully not moving forward into what would have been a disgustingly gruelling schedule like none I have faced before -- and I have faced some shit-ass hellish schedules in my time. I've got it in my head that I'm supposed to feel badly about it so I keep waiting for some kind of negative emotional response to surface but all I have felt since has been happy. I am really, really happy. I have no job (okay that's not even remotely true), no income, no money in the bank and lots of short-term uncertainty yet I am feeling lighter, freer and more myself than I have in ages. I learned A TON and am confident about moving forward with that experience and knowledge tucked away inside my brain.

And I am going to spend my 33 birthday in San Francisco on the first almost sorta real holiday spanning more than 3 days that I have had since May 2000!

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