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Song: "Satisfaction (cover)" Bjork and PJ Harvey. I'm not a big Bjork fan. In fact I don't know a single song beyond the music she made with the Sugar Cubes. But PJ Harvey is very familar -- cause, you know... hello, I was a university student in the early 90s. Which reminds me... would someone please make "Talk 19" available on DVD already. A follow-up "Talk 30" would be awesome although I think it's too late since I seem to recall that the girls were a year or two older than me. I was a fan of the "7 Up" series and would have loved to have seen a North American female version. And I sometimes wonder if Erin ever did figure out the meaning of "pussy power", or if Lina figured out she already had it.


I'll be attending the Blogher conference to be on this panel. Of course I also plan to attend both days. Will you be attending?

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