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I have prepped images for the days I'm away so for the first time ever posting will continue while I am gone! I said I didn't have a long list of stuff to do before I left (not turning out to be all that true) and since I am the queen of make-work....


We want to go on a day trip to Monterey to visit the aquarium. I would also REALLY love to visit some tide pools. However, neither of us drive and it takes half a day to get there from San Francisco by public transportation (you have to leave 2 hours later to make it back). So far the only other option seems to be these tourist trap day trips that take you on a bus. But the problem there is that we would be stuck on a tour that goes to a bunch of other quaint little shopping destinations and this is not us at all. I just want to be on the ocean, see some tide pools, and go to the aquarium.

It's like "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" -- we have to get to Monterey! Albeit not to sing. The world does not want to hear me sing. But seriously, anyone know how to get there from San Francisco besides driving?

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