Wednesday, July 26, 2006     « Andy's Delight II »


We're here and damn it's cold. I thought I had packed with precision but it turns out I packed like someone who doesn't understand how it can be so cool in late July. This weather is confusing.

Davin saw Mohammad Ali at the Phoenix airport. He gave him the head nod of respect and Ali returned with a hand nod. I was in the fucking bathroom! I thought I was on the better end of things having seen a woman with a crazy peacock shirt/vest contraption.

I wanted to get off the plane in Phoenix to see all the cactus but I am now here and have pointed out ever single palm tree to Davin. I have also seen: an avocado tree (no fruit), ficus, a HUGE jade, giant geraniums, and various things that we didn't know what they were but were awesome none-the-less.

I also saw an ad on TV thanking the American people for freeing Iraq. We are definitely not in Canada anymore.

« Andy's Delight II »