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We've arrived home to a heatwave that I am sure all of you on the east coast are painfully aware of. Davin started getting sick two days ago and is now down for the count. The cat is convinced that I am responsible for the weather and is repeatedly asking me why I am putting her through this hell. I'm still on west coast time.

I need to say something about our trip and my two days at Blogher but I'm kind of stunned and am having trouble with the writing of the sentences. It was a mistake to stay in San Francisco those two days because I missed out on a lot of the fun, bonding, and crazy antics. I didn't go to the speakers dinner either! I felt like the kid who was bussed in from out of district mid-way through the school year. Nevermind the lack of sleep that put me into a strange mood. I just wasn't mentally or emotionally prepared for the bigness of it all. My typical events are very socially engaging but this was very different in a way that I can't place. I have also spent the days after my panel with an overall malaise of regret about the way I handled it. My intention was to be forthright about my experiences but it came off sorely unbalanced by too much negative. I want a do-over!

Anyways, shit, what can I say? I met a good deal more people than I imagined I would. I should have asked for more business cards because my memory for names can't be trusted. I also got to meet some super women I have only known through the internet and they were each much more than I had anticipated. I did not get to spend enough time hanging out with any of them despite the fact that I spent 80% of my time sitting near the pool.

Shout outs to Heather, Sweetney, Beth, Maggie (By far the best moderator of any panel I have ever been on, and very deserving of the 'Mighty' title all around), Andrea, Jen, Heather, Alice. I gave Susie Bright a copy of my book! The idea that Susie Bright might read my book and then grow some tomatoes is mind blowing!

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