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What a weird weekend. I found four old Woolco brand picture frames set out on the sidewalk as garbage a few weeks ago and took them on impulse with the thought to use them somehow. My initial thought was that since they were free to me it made sense to use them for an outdoor art project -- all I stood to lose were the prints. In the end I decided to frame up four photos taken in my childhood neighborhood two years ago and hang them along the fence in the area on the date of the two year anniversary. It seemed to make sense as some kind of logical conclusion.

We set out to hang the pictures on Saturday afternoon with a few glitches: the traffic was heavy the entire way resulting in a three hour car ride, and the rickety fence that had been there for over 20 years was recently replaced with a new metal fence! We endured the prolonged car ride (thanks to the driver most especially) but had to take an alternate route into the city that took us past the last house I lived in before leaving my parents' home. It turns out that the house is for sale but something must be wrong with it because they've been trying to sell that house for over 15 years! There were no tenants so we were able to roam around the yard and look into the windows without disrupting anyone's privacy.

Two childhood neighborhoods in one day was definitely a little much but I am finding that while these places still have a hold as a set for my dreams and nightmares they hold little power in my waking life. At a glance they are overwhelmingly if not annoyingly "normal" with their freshly mown green lawns, billowing trees, and sunshine.

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