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And just like that we saw episode one of The Wire's new season last night. Squeals! If you can do that about a show in which kids kill and other brutal shit. Mind you this is a show whose most likeable character (well, in my opinion) is a gay, ghetto Robin Hood stickup man.

I've been working on an outline for a second book. I went from inching my way forward to finding it is the only thing I want to be doing right now. Nothing else interests me. That's really unusual. I've usually got my foot in a million places. Keeping up with those million places has been tricky without the inspiration to propel me. But the book outline is coming along smashingly. Incidently, I am recovering from a minor, but annoying foot injury. Ha!

I also think it is the weather. This weather is killing me grey day by grey day. Bring back the sun please and thankyou.

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