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Noticed that I have photographed an awful lot of kitschy mugs. Sometimes photography is like collecting. It's either take pictures or fill up the cupboards. I am drinking green tea from a stolen, over-sized Tim Hortons mug while writing this. I have a reasonably-sized donut shop mug collection from the donuty days.

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Nuit Blanche is Sept 30 in Toronto. All night art across the city. I'll have three images on display at The Beaver (1192 Queen West) in a group show called, "Midnight Snack". I'm doing something a little different than the usual prints in frames. An experiment. No, it will not involve performance art. Or prints attached to naked bodies. Or primal screaming. Don't fear the art.

This entry was accompanied by the musical stylings of Masada "Live in Sevilla 2000."

« Grandfather (Mug) »